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The Everiety Story

If you've been here before, something may seem different. And you're right - we rebranded! The Daily Collective is now Everiety. With a focus on moms, Everiety offers a variety of products for daily life. The goal of Everiety is to provide products that are hand-crafted and sourced with so much love and care that you can feel it when you use the products! Everything in the shop is sure to provide style and personality to every day life as a mama and mini.

The name: 'Ever - iety' comes from the words 'everyday variety'

Moms know, there are products you just can't live without in a given day. Here, I'll name a few! Car keys, cell phone, pacifier clips, clothes, coffee. Why would you let the things that you have your hands on every single day be anything but stylish, yet functional at the same time? That's what Everiety is here for! The product lineup features a variety of stylish and functional products that are a regular part of your every day for you AND your mini(s). 

Many of these products are hand-made with so much care and love by me in my home studio. The remainder are sourced for their quality, function, and aesthetic. When you shop Everiety, you can rest assured that you are shopping quality products that will make you feel good about your daily activities of life as a mama.

I'm Whitney!

And that's my family! I'm the founder, owner, and creator behind Everiety, formerly The Daily Collective. I run this small business out of my home in Sioux Falls, South Dakota in addition to my full-time job as an architect.
I am married to my high school sweetheart, Max, and we are proud parents to the sweetest baby girl named JoLeigh and cutest pup named Harrison! We love being outdoors throughout the year doing various activities like biking, hiking, golfing, and skiing.

I have a passion for designing and I love creating things by hand. As a new mom, I have a strong desire to connect with and learn from other mamas. That's why I started Everiety!


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Meet the Team

Allow me to introduce you to the faces behind Everiety.


Join the Everiety Mamas Facebook group and become a member of an empowering community of mamas. In this group, we learn, share, and grow together through this amazing thing called motherhood.

As a member, you also get VIP access to giveaways and special deals, as well as early access to new products.

Ready to be a part of this awesome community of women? Click the button below to join. We'd LOVE to have you!

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