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From Lemonade Stand to eCommerce

If you've been following along with me through this journey of owning The Daily Collective, you've probably heard me say (I will admit, quite a few times), that I have always been a creative mind and always loved making things with my hands. Well, it's the truth, and I'm probably going to keep saying it! There is something so satisfying to me about creating something physical and watching the progress from beginning to end. At the end, I can look at the finished product with so much satisfaction knowing that it came from my hands.

As a little girl, I can remember a specific time that my sister and I hand-made a bunch of embroidery floss bracelets and set up shop (lemonade stand style) on our family's driveway to sell the bracelets. So there are a few funny things about this:

  1. We made so many bracelets in preparation for this 'event'.

  2. This took place on say a Tuesday morning at like 10:00 am.

  3. There was little to no traffic on our residential street tucked into a residential neighborhood.

  4. My mom came outside and bought a bracelet from us (bless her soul).

I don't remember how we felt after only selling one bracelet (to our mom), but the fact that I vividly remember that event says a lot about how it impacted me long-term.

I never would have guessed at that bracelet sale that I'd be selling products of similar nature, made by hand, in the future on MY VERY OWN website, but here we are! I enjoy making things so much, that I knew I needed to start doing it again and find a way to share my creations with others. So born was The Daily Collective. From lemonade stand to eCommerce, it's safe to say things have come full circle for me in a way I never would have guessed could be possible!

Just because I can't resist: When life throws you lemons, go make the dang lemonade.

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